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Social Projects

U Hostels is dedicated to helping those most in need. For this reason, U Hostels works with various NGOs (The Esteban Vigil Foundation, the Javier Oriol Miranda Foundation, etc.) on international projects.

In addition to donations, U Hostels gives guests the opportunity to help out in our projects. We guarantee that the money will go towards the projects and not to intermediaries.

Some of the projects we work on:

Children’s Centre in Chezi, Malawi

The St. Mary Rehabilitation Centre is an oasis in the middle of Malawi, where 130 children are looked after, most of whom lost their parents to AIDS. Here they are given a home, food, medical help and an education.




Boarding school in Budidampad, India

170 girls are currently attending this boarding school. The Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix are responsible for managing the centre, educating the children and providing them with food, school materials and clothes.




Peddapendial Old People’s Home, India

A former hospital was renovated to create an old people’s home in Peddapendial. The home was much needed, as many of the old people have been abandoned by their families. They have everything they need in the home, from accommodation to food and medical care. The sisters of Mary Mediatrix are responsible for managing the centre.