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Our Philosophy

The idea for U Hostels came about on a long trip, after many nights spent in hundreds of hostels around the world.

Along the way, we asked ourselves several things about the hostels we stayed in...

  • Why canít good accommodation be cheap?
  • Why are most hostels dirty and uncomfortable?
  • Why donít they think about design, quality and cleanliness?
  • Why arenít there any hostels that offer the same quality as a hotel, but with the experience of staying in a hostel? Why arenít there any hostels where you can relax as if you were in a hotel?
  • Why does it seem like hostels arenít designed for travellers?

By the time we got back to Madrid, we still hadnít answered these questions! As travellers from Madrid, we were disappointed. So we decided to embark on an adventure into the unknown...

With a huge amount of effort and a little bravery, we decided to create a new concept for accommodation in Madrid:

  • A hotel where you could have the same experiences as in a hostel.
  • A hostel with the same quality and services as a hotel.

The result of combining these two concepts was U Hostels!

We are travellers and adventurers by nature, so there was no one better to design a new concept for hostels. We know what travellers want and need because we are travellers ourselves. That is why, with all our efforts and love, we have spent all we have on this exciting project, and we hope you like it.

At U Hostels we donít only want to offer you cheap, clean and high quality accommodation where you can relax....

... we also want you to enjoy yourself, to discover the secrets of Madrid, and get to know new people...

U Hostels is more than a hostel, itís an experience!

Relax, meet new people, enjoy yourself, chill out, have fun, socialise, explore...

donít wait any longer and come to U Hostels!!!