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Shared 6, 8 and 12 person rooms.

U6 Dorm

Our larger rooms have enough space for between 6 and 12 bunk beds, where we will definitely have enough space for your group.

The rooms even have high quality custom-made bunk beds! All the rooms have a headboard designed so that you can recharge your mobile or plug in your laptop, with a reading lamp so you can read your favourite book.

Space is something we make the most of at U Hostels. These rooms have between 20 m² and 35 m² of floor space.


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  • U6 Dorm
  • U6 Dorm ensuite
  • U6 dorm
  • U8 Dorm
  • U8 Dorm
  • U6 Dorm ensuite 2
  • U8 Dorm
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  • U8 dorm
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  • Bathrooms!
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